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Cue 05.2010 ~ dejarnette's paillette noir chain necklace is featured in the May issue of Gambit's Cue Magazine!
Wish 03.30.2010 ~ dejarnette's pretty in pink necklace is featured in The Times Picayune's WISH Magazine!
Wish 05.01.2009 ~ dejarnette's highest number necklace is featured in The Times Picayune's WISH Magazine!
CUE 04.2009 ~ Gambit Weekly's Cue magazine has a feature about dejarnette new orleans jewelry, thanks Kyla!
Country Living 04.2009 ~ The April issue of Country Living magazine features dejarnette's wood skeleton key necklace!
Buss Buss 09.2008 ~ A big thanks to Mallory of Miss Malaprop for the lovely article, Daring, Darling, Dejarnette in the September issue of Antigravity Magazine!
Daily Candy 06.24.2008 ~ Strike a Pose! dejarnette's Ballet Collection is featured on Daily Candy Atlanta. "Any self-respecting daughter of theirs would take a lesson from NOLA jewelry designer Katherine Dejarnette Babin, whose new Ballet collection’s mix of fluff and sparkle merits a standing ovation."
Buss Buss 05.27.2008 ~ Thank you Buss Buss for featuring dejarnette's Ballet Collection!
Wish 05.01.2008 ~ dejarnette's grow necklace is featured in The Times Picayune's WISH Magazine!
Creature Comforts 04.18.2008 ~ dejarnette's pas de trois necklace is featured on Creature Comforts. Thank you Ez!
design*sponge 04.08.2008 ~ I'd like to thank Annemarie Dooling for including dejarnette new orleans in the New Orleans Design Guide. Be sure to check out all of Annemarie's New Orleans picks, as well as all of the other wonderful city guides on design*sponge!
Design for Mankind 04.08.2008 ~ "shiny, obedient, and he won't pee on your floors." So funny...and so true! dejarnette's vienna necklace is featured on Design for Mankind!
Coveiter 04.02.2008 ~ "Jewelry Worth Coveting" Thank you ladies at Coveiter for featuring dejarnette jewelry! Check it out here!
Gambit Weekly 03.24.2008 ~ dejarnette's vienna necklace is featured in Gambit Weekly's Ultimate Shopper!
Want Magazine 2.2008 ~ The February 2008 issue of Want Magazine featured dejarnette's love note necklace as a staff pick favorite!
Neet Magazine 12.2007 ~ The December 2007 issue of N.E.E.T Magazine featured dejarnette's jet set necklace in their Under $100 gift guide!
design*sponge 11.30.2007 ~ A big thank you to Grace at design*sponge for featuring dejarnette's grow necklace in the 2007 Handmade Gift Guide!
Creature Comforts 11.06.2007 ~ dejarnette's grow necklace is featured on Creature Comforts. Thank you Ez!
Design Mom 09.26.2007 ~ dejarnette's mon amour, highest number and blowing bubbles necklaces are featured on Design Mom! "Katherine, the artist behind the Dejarnette line of jewelry wrote to me about her Mon Amour necklace, knowing it's something a mother would love. But a mother is a woman first. And frankly, most women would love any of Katherine's creations. Her jewelry is stunning." Thank you Gabrielle!
The Bag Lady 08.24.2007 ~ dejarnette's purse locket is featured on The Bag Lady!
Funky Finds 07.27.2007 ~ dejarnette's purse locket is featured on Funky Finds! "I love the accessories that incorporate vintage pieces with modern elements, such as the lovely purse locket."
The Daily Obsession 06.26.2007 ~ dejarnette's Stella necklace is featured in Gambit Weekly's Ultimate Shopper!
The Daily Obsession 05.27.2007 ~ dejarnette's fleur trouvee necklace is featured on Daily Obsession! "Feels just so pretty, like love in bloom."
Beach Bungalow 8 05.23.2007 ~ Thank you Beach Bungalow 8 for the great write up on dejarnette new orleans!
Lady Licorice 05.2007 ~ dejarnette's sealed with is featured on Lady Licorice! "An antique-looking necklace adds a timeworn touch to your look. We love its patina and conversation worthy-ness."
Buss Buss Spring Bling 04.3.2007 ~ dejarnette's chandelier necklace is featured in the Buss Buss Spring Bling Guide!
Buss Buss 02.22.2007 ~ Thank you Buss Buss for the great write up on dejarnette new orleans!
Nole Mi Magazine 02.22.2007 ~ dejarnette's special delivery is featured in the premiere issue of Nole Mi Magazine!
Alternative Press 02.2007 ~ dejarnette's black heart shoe clips featured in the Alternative Press Valentine's Day Gift Guide!
Pink & Paisley 11.16.2006 ~ "Take a look at her elegant jewelry, Dejarnette cleverly mixes unique vintage pieces on soft chain turning each item into a work of art." says amazing handbag designer, Bari J, on her blog Pink & Paisley!
Whats Haute 10.09.2006 ~ dejarnette's goldwood necklace is featured on Whats Haute!
Omiru 09.29.2006 ~ dejarnette's clef de coeur necklace is featured on Omiru!
Mighty Goods 09.08.2006 ~ "The simple jumble of beads adds drama to a crisp white work shirt and skinny pants." - is how dejarnette's blowing bubbles necklace is described on shopping weblog Mighty Goods!
b is for bunnyshop 09.05.2006 ~ dejarnette new orleans featured on b is for bunnyshop. Check out the entire review here!
creature comforts 09.05.2006 ~ dejarnette new orleans' festoon necklace and toulouse earrings featured on Creature Comforts!
miss malaprop 08.30.2006 ~ "There's a little something for everyone here" Check out the entire review on dejarnette new orleans at this indie-driven website missmalaprop!
annabelle 08.29.2006 ~ Annabelle says, "It's rare to find something so unique and stunning." - about dejarnette's small bubbles necklace. Check it out at this LA personal stylist's website and guide to fashion annabellesays!
The Daily Obsession 08.21.2006 ~ The Daily Obsession thinks dejarnette new orleans "Is affordable and really worth having." Check out The Daily Obsession to see their top dejarnette new orleans picks!"
Kristopher Dukes 08.18.2006 ~ Check out fashion writer, Kristopher Dukes website, who says, "Because you rock your heart on your Christian Louboutins, where it really is, not on your sleeves." about dejarnette's black heart shoe clips."
indie obsession 08.15.2006 ~ Indie Obsession says, "I l-o-v-e the color of this necklace. Can you say divine?" about dejarnette's minty julep necklace.
individual fashion 08.14.2006 ~ New indie conscious online fashion magazine, Individual Fashion, says, "'s sure to keep New Orleans in everyones heart." about dejarnette's goldie necklace.
southern byways 08.14.2006 ~ "And from what I have seen so far at Dejarnette, there is lots of southern warmth just waiting for me." says Southern Byways, whose favorite dejarnette necklace is clef de coeur.
her accessories 08.14.2006 ~ Her Accessories says "I haven’t seen anything quite like this and I like it!" of dejarnette's blowing bubbles necklace.
stylebytescoutorture 06.13.2006 ~ Dejarnette "has some really unique and beautiful pieces for sale, my favorite being the bubble necklace." Check out Agathe's great fashion site Style Bytes! Also posted at online fashion community Coutorture!
wedding bee nyc 08.04.2006 ~ Wedding Bee NYC, a blog dedicated to wedding planning and the bride-to-be says dejarnette new orleans has "pretty jewelry that would make perfect bridesmaids' gifts, or for the less traditonal bride, some daring jewelry" Check out this bloggers top dejarnette picks at weddingbee!
grechens closet 08.01.2006 ~ "you won't see anything like it anywhere else" - says Grechen of Grechens Closet about dejarnette's large bubbles necklace. "You can wear it like a string of pearls-with everything." Check out the entire review at grechenscloset!
annabelle 07.20.2006 ~ "grandma's brooch/rocker edge with the mix of leather cuff and sparkle" - is how dejarnette's brooch cluster bracelet is described on LA personal shopper's website and guide to fashion annabellesays!
eye4style 06.09.2006 ~ "sweet but a little edgy" - that's how dejarnette's pretty key necklace is described in NY style blog eye4style!
fashion tribes 06.09.2006 ~ Leslie Scott of fashion tribes calls dejarnette's circle chain necklace "a triple-strand antique gold chain for all one's necklace needs."
welcome 05.17.2006 ~ launches!